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Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller


Why do this?

Nowadays, meetings are a wonderful opportunity – especially in our online world where communication technology has almost completely eliminated the need to get together.

Nevertheless, for many non-native English speaking professionals, meetings are a nightmare and the opportunity they present them with goes wasted.

Instead of seeing them as a wonderful chance to share, connect and catch up, they feel under the spotlight. The first difficulty is to catch what the fast-paced speech of their native-English speaking peers. Then, once it’s their chance to speak, the fear of making mistakes kicks in – often paralysing them. It’s easy for native-English speakers to fail to grasp this; but how would you feel if you had to represent your ideas, feelings and value in a foreign tongue?

The fact remains though, in our global world meetings are a rare and expensive professional luxury – so nothing less than full participation is acceptable.

Master meetings and difficult conversations
as a non-native English speaking executive
who needs to communicate with excellence
in the global business world!

What are the benefits?

You will start by understanding the correct professional expectations for effective meetings and conversations as well as how you can fit in with these and make a great impression on other by becoming a confident, proactive and valuable participant.

You will learn how to create a strong connection with the other party by actively listening to them, effectively recognising what is concerning them and professionally expressing your ideas, thoughts and feelings in a professional manner.

Furthermore, you will learn how to deal with conflict and the other negative factors which can destroy meetings and, in the worst case scenario, damage your business relationships.

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Key Content

    1. The 3 golden rules for always keeping the discussion in your meetings interactive, positive, constructive and on-topic; especially when difficult and upsetting topics are on the agenda
    2. How to effectively open conversations and meetings so that you can create a positive and collaborative attitude
    3. Creating a strong, empathetic bond with the other participants by using feeling commentaries and verbal mirroring; especially when the meeting becomes negative so you can avoid conflict
    4. How to diplomatically perform negative discussion tactics like interrupting, giving unwanted news, correcting mistakes and disagreeing without upsetting any other participants
    5. Effectively dealing with the 13 common meeting derailers which lead to the discussion going off topic and a failure to achieve your meeting objectives

This is a practical and engaging workshop backed up by robust theories from psychology and communication theory and with role-play exercises replicating the exact challenges you will face on the job.


Make the most out of every opportunity to meet
by proactively sharing your ideas, feelings and opinions
with confidence, fluency, and high value

I expected the Audit Report Writing Workshop to be a very dry and theoretical course with instructions on how we write reports in Vodafone.

But to tell you the truth, I came home and I said to my wife: “Susan, today I’ve had the most amazing training I’ve ever had!” – and I’ve had some great training!

The report writing training was fantastic – the difference being that the trainer really knew how to bring the message across. The training was very interactive. It not only taught me how to write in the most efficient and professional way but also how to make a powerful connection with the reader.

All in all, we not only learnt how to write reports, but we also learnt how to communicate effectively which I think is the key. That was the real added value of this course.

Dominque Pauwels
Senior Internal Auditor

As a training experience, Financial Report Writing Workshop took our attention from the very start – not just me, but the whole group.

People were saying: “Wow! It’s 9 o’clock on the day of the first session and we have already defined exactly what the key problem is with our report writing.”

I would definitely recommend this financial report writing training. It’s not just about the books and the materials, but it’s important to learn things that you will remember at work and know how to use.

I immediately applied what I learnt from the training into my real business life. The expertise of the trainer and how the training was delivered was the key to success here. What is delivered is important, but how it was delivered was what I would also like to recommend. In this sense, it was better than 99% of the training I have had till now.

Emre Tor
Corporate Business Account Manager

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