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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

– Will Rogers


Why do this?

How many sales people will have gone through your prospective customer’s door before you?

When buying is at the top of your prospective customer’s to-do list, they will be scheduling many meetings with potential suppliers – that’s you and your competitors.

Ask any Purchasing Manager what they think of sales meetings and they’ll often tell you that they soon start to blur into one and it becomes difficult to distinguish one sales person from another, let alone recall the key details of each of their offer.

Meetings offer a golden opportunity for the customer to look at the salesperson, get a feeling for them and gauge whether they can be trusted to deliver what they have promised.

A good salesperson knows how to find gold in this opportunity too. They put the customer’s needs before their own and thereby stand out from the crowd of competitors who can’t stop talking about themselves and their products.

The best salesperson goes one step further – they know how to ask the right questions so that they can lead the prospect to the best possible solution for them: the offer they are presenting.


What are the benefits?

You will start by learning how to open sales meetings in a way which creates a warm, personal rapport with the prospective customer and how to move the conversation on so you can establish your authority, credibility and start to build trust in a natural and authentic way.

You will master the art of asking the right sales questions to determine your prospect’s relevant past experiences, their current situation, their needs, their fears and objections and what their ideal solution would be as well as how urgent their need to buy is at the time of meeting.

Furthermore, you will learn the best way to put your offer forward so you can engage and excite the prospect by making it relevant to them as well as learning how to move the sale forward to the next stage of the sales cycle and closer to the close of the deal.

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Key Content

  1. How to open the sales meeting so that you can create a natural and immediate rapport with the prospective customer, establish your authority and credibility and start to build strong trust
  2. Leveraging our Customer Journey Toolkit which will enable you to understand your prospect, their priorities, their pressures and their feelings so that you can create a strong, empathetic bond with them
  3. The 3 advanced sales questions types which will help you to determine your prospect’s real needs, fears and desires so you can lead them to you irresistible offer and its value adds
  4. Accurately diagnosing your prospective customer’s biggest worry and how to sufficiently disturb them to make their need for a solution urgent enough to request your help
  5. The best way to present your offer so your prospect is engaged and excited; and how to get them fully committed and enthusiastic about taking the next steps in the sales cycle with you

This is a practical and engaging workshop backed up by robust theories from psychology and communication theory and with role-play exercises replicating the exact challenges you will face on the job.


Stand out in your crowded marketplace by putting
your customer’s interests first and creating trust and
persuasive offers which move the sale forward in the cycle

I expected the EMPOWERED AUDIT REPORTS workshop to be a very dry and theoretical course with instructions on how we write reports in Vodafone.

But to tell you the truth, I came home and I said to my wife: “Susan, today I’ve had the most amazing training I’ve ever had!” – and I’ve had some great training!

The training was fantastic – the difference being that the trainer really knew how to bring the message across. The training was very interactive. It not only taught me how to write in the most efficient and professional way but also how to make a powerful connection with the reader.

All in all, we not only learnt how to write reports, but we also learnt how to communicate effectively which I think is the key. That was the real added value of this course.

Dominique Pauwels
Senior Internal Auditor

As a training experience, EMPOWERED FINANCIAL REPORTS took our attention from the very start – not just me, but the whole group.

People were saying: “Wow! It’s 9 o’clock on the day of the first session and we have already defined exactly what the key problem is with our report writing.”

I would definitely recommend this financial report writing training. It’s not just about the books and the materials, but it’s important to learn things that you will remember at work and know how to use.

I immediately applied what I learnt from the training into my real business life. The expertise of the trainer and how the training was delivered was the key to success here. What is delivered is important, but how it was delivered was what I would also like to recommend. In this sense, it was better than 99% of the training I have had till now.

Emre Tor
Corporate Business Account Manager

The reason why I chose this training is because I’m writing emails every day – thousands of them! I’ve been trying to handle this volume of writing in the best way possible using some templates which I’ve created, but I wanted to gain more power and control over my word choice.

The training was long enough, and the content was very rich. Also, the Self-Study Tasks and Toolkit were all real lifesavers. I would definitely recommend TOTAL WORD POWER to everybody. After the training, I said to myself, “I wish I’d had this beforehand. So I advise all HR professionals to offer this to the employees in their companies; especially as early as possible in their careers.

What’s more, the TOTAL WORD POWER trainer, Andy Kovacs, was brilliant. He knew how to put the right focus on the training topics and how to keep attention high throughout. He gave the right amount of information, and his performance was meticulous and very impressive. It was a great experience – interesting, engaging and interactive!

Selcuk Candas
Deputy Head of Internal Audit

I think that the topic of report writing is absolutely crucial and, to be honest, I thought that it could not be taught. Writing skills are learnt through on-the-job experience and they are not an easy skill to acquire. EMPOWERED AUDIT REPORTS completely changed my opinion on this and now I’m spending all of my effort to use all of the writing techniques that I learnt.

How to make your sentences shorter; how to get rid of unclear sentences which can confuse the reader; eliminating jargon and terminology; and how to be more economic in the report – these were the most important report writing lessons which I learnt from the course.

But this training offered so much more than just report writing techniques. We learnt so much about the wider subject of effective communication.It’s essential to understand what your stakeholders want to see in your report and to fulfill these objectives. This is a big part of our mission and the course really helped me with this.

I loved that it was so interactive. You have theory and then you have direct participation, so we put what we had learnt straight into practice.

What I also really loved was the trainer’s exceptional presentation techniques. Just attending the training has taught me so much about how to present and how to build up my message logically and make it get through to my audience.

I immediately recommended this training to my line manager, Guido, and to our Country Head. I told them: “You must participate in this training because I’m now going to be using these great report writing techniques which you’re not even aware of.”

Zoltan Gamos
Compliance & Antibribery Manager
Vodafone, Hungary

In my job, I generally communicate with people by writing emails – and it’s really important that the information which I give is short, clear and well-explained. However, when I choose words in English, my explanations often get long.

TOTAL WORD POWER helped me to solve this. I learnt how to choose the right words – professional and sophisticated words – so my emails have become more economic and the writing process has become faster and more efficient. So I’m doing my job so much faster than before.

The delivery of TOTAL WORD POWER was very clear and detailed. Also, it was very visually engaging, so this helped to keep my interest throughout the 2 Live Learning Webinars. It was very practical and it was very interesting.

I would definitely recommend TOTAL WORD POWER to anybody who needs to write lots of emails in English in their job.

Emre Altinoglu
Customer Services Country Manager

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